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Auto Repair Processes in Bellevue, Washington

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Free Estimates

The repair process begins with a phone call. Let our timely professionals assist in arranging everything from towing to rental vehicles. Bellevue Auto Rebuild has all the necessary resources at their fingertips to aide you in your time of need.

Blue Printing

When your car arrives, we will do everything possible to expedite your repairs. The key to an efficient repair starts with an accurate plan.

As we disassemble your vehicle, we make every effort possible to account for the damage the first time

Metal Shop, Aluminium Shop and more

The shop is where the magic begins. Our talented professionals use state of the art laser technology to measure the dimensions of your vehicle and compare them with the factory specifications.

Bellevue Auto Rebuild is the only shop on the East side to utilize a dedicated bench system per Mercedes-Benz certification requirements.


Skilled craftsmen require the right tools for the job. One thing that sets Bellevue Auto Rebuild apart from our competition is our investment in equipment. Should your vehicle require welded panel replacement, we can reproduce spot welds that even professionals cannot distinguish from that of the factory.

Paint Shop

The final coat is only as good as the time spent preparing the surface. Detailed preparation is critical to achieve a seamless repair.
Our skilled professionals carefully tint the color to match your existing car's finish. Bellevue Auto Rebuild uses only the finest European paint.
The final top-coat is applied in a controlled environment and baked to replicate factory conditions in one of our four down-draft paint booths.

Machine Polishing

After baking at 180 degrees in the paint booth, the car is then moved outside to cool down. But we are not done yet.

All vehicles must then be polished to perfection.

Final Detail

As you would expect from any quality shop, all repaired panels are hand waxed for protection. Every vehicle is then washed and vacuumed prior to delivery.
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